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Dr. Alae Rabiei

Chiro4All's Nashville Chiropractor, Dr. Alae, provides chiropractic adjustments to relieve neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, and other neurologic symptoms

Dr. Alae's Philosophy: 

The basic understanding of chiropractic is that neurologic symptoms caused by the Nervous System, spinal cord, and brain, carry messages throughout the whole body. The Nervous System is an integral part of our whole health and our body’s ability to function the way that it needs to be. The human organism is a phenomenon and the key to health in life is adaptation, so when the human organism is unable to adapt to its environment, our nervous system can’t assist us in adapting to our environment as well. It is not what we have to change our environment; we have to strengthen our ability to adapt. So the Nervous system is not functioning enough to be able to adapt and therefore the body is unable to perform in maximum function.

We know that Physical, Emotional and Chemical Stress affect our Nervous System. We need to be aware of those stresses and make the choices accordingly to allow ourselves to be stressed or not and then to enhance our nervous system ability to deal with those stresses. What the Chiropractor does is palpate, which is to feel the cranium, the spine, the muscle and to feel the areas of spine that are producing Nerve system stress (misalignment-Subluxation).The chiropractic adjustment is the process of opening up those misalignments, so the body can heal itself, therefore, reducing neurologic symptoms to the Nervous System. When the stress to the nervous system is reduced, body functions will begin to restore, ultimately, reducing lower back pain, neck pain, pregnancy discomfort, and other neurologic symptoms.

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